More than just a workspace

Meet Turbine

Add some personality to your workstations with Turbine and its namesake feature, a fun flash of aviation style. With the option to accessorise and style to fit your needs, it'll be the perfect workstation for your space.
Steel leg of a Spitfire table stamped with Spitfire Furniture logo badge
A red turbine on a desk with steel grey legs and a wood desktop - a Spitfire Furniture vintage industrial style desks with green screening between desks

Industrial Style Workstations

A unique twist on vintage office desking

Combining industrial and aviation themes, Turbine was built to reflect the ethos of our brand and to add distinctive character to traditional vintage office desks. Combining enhanced functionality and robust materials, this is a product with lifetime service.
Pick your size
Our Turbine desks come in a range of sizes to best fit your requirements. Back to back shared structures are also available, reducing workstation cost.
Choose your frame
We have two standard frames: clear coated, to show the personality of the workmanship of our steel and textured matt black. Or we have a full range of RAL colours available.
Select your finish
Our desktops come in a vast range of MFC and natural wood finishes to suit every design and budget. As with every part of our process, we’re always open to bespoke requests.
Make Turbine your own by painting the turbine blades in a colour of your choice. An accent to reflect your branding and compliment your design.
Improve the functionality of your desking, with a range of power options, desk dividers in a multitude of designs and materials, as well as bespoke accessories to fit your needs.

Need something bespoke?

Need something bespoke?

Our team is always on hand to help you create the perfect product for your needs. So whether you have an in mind, already or want to hit the drawing board, we’ll make it happen.
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