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Acoustic lighting solutions

Lighting makes the world of difference to a space. Hanging as a centrepiece or tying the room together as a complementary accent, the right lighting will make a room shine. With our range of acoustic shades and fixtures, you’ll find the perfect lighting for you.
Acoustic lighting solutions for desks, offices or spaces. PET lighting, eco-friendly and acoustic, suspended over desk
Grey, blue and dark grey, Delta - a Spitfire Furniture product as an acoustic lighting solutions for desks, offices or spaces. PET lighting, eco-friendly and acoustic

Meet Delta

Our Delta range has an extremely dynamic design with a variety of colours, accents and sizes available. With our acoustic materials, you'll see a difference not only in your lighting and style, but in your sound environment too.

Environmentally conscious

Environmentally conscious

All of our lighting units are made from high quality P.E.T, an extraordinary material manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. Not only does this make it environmentally friendly, but it’s a stylish material that can be wrapped to suit your designs.

Acoustically friendly

Acoustically friendly

With natural acoustic properties, the P.E.T in our lighting fixtures soaks up the sound in even the noisiest spaces, lowering sound pressure and reverberation. Lighting can be so much more than just lighting, our products are a great choice for sound management too.

Make it your own

Design your lighting with our range of shade sizes. Go big and bold, or small and subtle. You'll find the perfect fit to compliment your office’s aesthetic.
Add some personality to your lighting units with a choice of eye-catching stitch patterns, in a range of colours and materials.
We work with a range of top European acoustic fabric manufacturers, so you’ll be able to find the right choice for your designs.
Adjustable positioning
Make a statement with your lighting. Our fixtures can accommodate a range of heights for your new product making them the perfect fit for any space.

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