In the Heart of Haywards Heath
Case Studies

In the Heart of Haywards Heath

In the heart of Haywards Heath one of our recent happy clients is settling into their freshly decorated and furnished space with their team. The complete conversion of our client’s new space began with a description of what they wanted: something bright, comfortable, and encompassing the homely feeling of their town. Combining bold, striking walls, large wood accents and bold prints, we worked to create an eye-catching, but comfortable atmosphere, upgrading them to a new furniture suite that provides functionality, longevity, and the well-presented space they wanted for hosting potential clients.

Given to us as a blank canvas, we were able to manage the project, using our own manufactured furniture and some extraordinary pieces from our growing catalogue of incredible UK suppliers. We even ventured outside our usual realm of furniture, bringing in local specialists to create modern industrial-style glass partitioning to separate out private offices and meeting rooms, giving necessary privacy, whilst utilising the space’s natural lighting to create an open, cohesive space. Soft furnishings too had us reaching out to local experts: blinds, curtains and even a matching custom window seat!

As for our own manufacturing, our highlight from this project was working with a new material we’re really excited about: Fenix. Utilising incredible nanotechnology, Fenix is extremely attractive material. Why? It’s water-repellent, resistant to heat, scratches, fingerprints, and solvents, it has low light reflectivity, and if that wasn’t enough, it’s super hygienic, with both antibacterial and antifungal properties – quite the material of the minute.

This project gave us a lot of creative freedom, something we always love, and allowed us to step out of our comfort zone to work with a range of new suppliers, materials, and specialists that we’ll certainly be adding to our regular portfolio.

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