Our Biggest Project Yet
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Our Biggest Project Yet

As we draw near to completion, we are looking back at one of our biggest projects yet, a multi-building office rental complex in Guildford. Furnishing several floors and buildings across the complex, we have provided everything from seating booths to electrics on this project, working with a range of our trusted suppliers and getting to showcase our own furniture on a large scale.

Each office space features our fan-favourite, back-to-back style Turbine desks, giving the space a unique look that breaks away from your conventional office furniture. Our trademark steelwork makes each piece unique, but it’s Turbine’s namesake components that catch the eye here, which were painted in a bold red (see the title image!). A little bit of colour goes a long way.

If that wasn’t enough, this project has birthed three new products for the Spitfire portfolio, which you can read more about here on the website or in our new product brochure:

Lancaster Executive: Something Special

Lancaster Executive has quickly become one of our all-time favourite products, featuring a thick wood desktop, heavy steel frame, and complete with mesh front and sides, it’s something special and luxurious, perfect for an Executive’s office.

See more of Lancaster Executive.

Cargo: Dynamic Storage

Cargo is a really exciting product for us. Inspired by the great artist Mondrian, Cargo is a dynamic take on current shelving trends that allows a mixture of shapes, open and closed storage, steel mesh and wood framing to create unique, functional storage. We’ve designed Cargo to be reconfigurable too, so it can be extended and reshaped as your space changes.

Check out our standard configurations or even design your own!

Vector: The Smart Table

Vector is a dynamic, truly uniquely shaped table designed to be the perfect social centrepiece for break areas. Its clever space-efficient design comfortably sits six people, but takes up significantly less floor space than a rectangular or circular equivalent, making it perfect for tricky tight spaces. Originally intended to only feature in one area of the premises, it quickly became a favourite and now features on every floor.

Read more about Vector.

Having been on this journey for over a year now, it’s been a really educational experience for us and something we are honoured to have been a part of. This project really put our services and manufacturing to the test and we are extremely proud to have been able to showcase our talents on such a large scale.

Thinking of redesigning? Need some unique, high-quality furniture? Speak to the team.

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