Vintage industrial furniture manufacturer

Spitfire Furniture

We’ve identified a trend in vintage industrial themed office furniture - there’s not enough of it. We searched tirelessly for designs and quality products to fit our style and came back empty handed. Hence, Spitfire Furniture was born.

A choice of quality and expertise

Spitfire Furniture Logo
Every product we produce, we’re proud of. We stamp everything that leaves our factory with our company badge, as a mark of the quality materials, time, care and effort we put into every product we manufacture. Our badge itself pays homage to the long history of design we’re inspired by and the quaint little town we call home.

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Our Services


Our experienced team works with a range of expert designers and specialists to create bespoke products for our clients; turning concepts, ideas and designs into reality.
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We've combined the designs, styles and concepts we love into our standard Product collection. Popular within the industry, our designs are highly functional and dynamic. Explore our full range of products from the navigation bar above.


Combining our keen design eye, in-house ability and network of specialists, we’re able to offer product sourcing services; hunting down the best quality products for your needs and taste.
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What Do We Do?

Expert vintage industrial furniture manufacturers

  • Bespoke design and furniture solutions
  • Expert sourcing services with a large network of contacts
  • Finding you the best specialist advice
  • Designing a catalogue of original industrial designs
Steel Spitfire Furniture badge on product vintage industrial office furniture manufactures
Spitfire Furniture Team in London at Clerkenwell Design Week

Who are we?

Innovative, passionate, experienced

  • 70 years of collective industry experience
  • Enthusiastic individuals with a range of expertise
  • Passionate about vintage industrial office furniture
  • Innovators creating vintage industrial designs

Meet The Pilots

Mike Morgan


Julian Grindall

Design & Operations
Tom Grindall

Tom Grindall

Operations & Logistics